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Difference between CISC & RISC

CISC :- CISC stands for complex instruction set computer.

RISC :- RISC stands for reduced instruction set computer.

1.Complex instruction set computerReduced instruction set computer
2.It has large number of instructionIt has small number of instruction of fixed length
3.Complex instruction take multiple clock cycleSingle cycle instruction
4.Complex & variable length instructionSimple length instruction
5.Less register are usedMore register are used
6.Compound addressing modeLimited addressing mode
7.Required a minimum amount of RAMRequired more RAM
8.Instructions are executed by microprogramInstructions are executed by hardware
9.Pipelining is difficultPipelining is easy
10.Example : PIC microcontroller from microchip, ARM, Power PC etc.Example : 8085, 8086, 8051 etc.

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