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Welding Welding is joining two materials, like thermoplastics or metals, at a high temperature by melting the base …

AC Welding vs DC Welding


Welding is joining two materials, like thermoplastics or metals, at a high temperature by melting the base material and the filler metal.

AC Welding

The term “AC welding” refers to the use of alternating current during the welding process. The alternating current changes direction repeatedly every second. For instance, a current operating at 60 Hz will reverse polarity 120 times per second. It allows a stronger arc on magnetic components because the magnetic field and current reverse direction.

DC Welding

Direct current (DC) welding uses a flow of electricity in one direction that has a constant polarity. Positive polarity flows from the welder to the work-piece to the electrode and back to the welder. The current can be positive or negative.

Difference Between AC Welding and DC Welding 

Sr. No. AC WeldingDC Welding
1.The welding transformer is cheaper than DC generator.DC generator is costlier than ac transformer.
2.Maintenance of transformer is easier. In case of dc welding maintenance is difficult.
3.It is more economic.It is less economic.
4.In case of ac energy consumption is less.In case of dc energy consumption is more.
5.It’s efficiency is high. It’s efficiency is low.
6.It’s running cost is low.It’s running cost is high.
7.In case of ac voltage required is high.In case of dc low voltage required.
8.The heat developed is not uniform.The heat developed is uniform.
9.Shock risk is really very high.Shock risk is low high.
10.It occurs less noise.It occurs more noise.
11.It is not suitable for weld all types of metal.Almost all metals of different thickness can be welded.
12.It is prefers when weld at very large distance.It is used for welding at short distance.
13.The cost of the equipment is very low.The cost of the equipment is very high.
14.AC welding equipment is small in size and lighter in weight.DC welding equipment is larger in size and heavier in weight.
15.There is alternate polarity in the case of ac. A single polarity, either positive or negative.

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