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Electric heating has several advantages, which are as follows:  Read Also : Read More>>>>

Advantages of Electric Heating

Electric heating has several advantages, which are as follows: 

  1. Electric heating is a very efficient method of heating. An efficiency of 80 % can be obtained.
  2. Economical : The initial cost of an electric heating system is low compared to a coal, gas, or oil heating system. All electric heating systems do not require much-skilled labour which is turn reduces the labour cost and maintenance cost.
  3. Cleanliness : The electric heating provide a neat and clean atmosphere. There is the formation of ash and dust in a coal-fired heating method, whereas no such products are released in an electric heating method. Thus, electric heating is the cleanest method of heating.
  4. Pollution Free : In an electric heating system, there is no combustion process involved, and no such harmful or flue gases are produced. Thus, this method of heating is completely pollution-free, which keeps the atmosphere clean.
  5. Automatic Protection : The electric heating is quite safe and responds quickly. It is because the electric heating provides protection against overcurrent and overheating by using fast control devices.
  6. Less Floor Area : The floor area required for electric heating is less due to the compactness of the electric furnace.
  7. Better Working Condition : An electric heating system produces no irritating noise, and also the radiation losses are low. Thus, working with electric furnaces is convenient and cool.
  8. Easy Control : The electric heating can be started instantly or stopped at the required time, keeping a time gap between switching off and cooling off the heating circuit. With the electric heating, automatic switching controls are also possible.
  9. Highest Efficiency of Utilization : The heat produced by electric heating does not go to waste through chimneys and other by products, whereas most of the heat produced is utilised.
  10. There is accurate and reliable temperature control for such kind of heating.

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