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Difference Between Filament Lamps and Fluorescent Tubes

Electric Lamps

An electric lamp is a device that can generate artificial light by consuming electric energy.

Filament lamps

Filament word is related to wire and by passing current through a wire, heat is produce which raises its temperature. At low temperature only heat is produce. At high temperatures, light is also produced. Filament lamps are also called incandescent lamps.

Filament lamp
Filament Lamp

Fluorescent Tubes

A fluorescent tube is a low-pressure mercury-vapuor gas-discharge lamp that uses fluorescence to produce visible light.

Fluorescent tube
Fluorescent Tube

Comparison between Filament lamps and Fluorescent tubes

Sr. No.Filament lampsFluorescent tubes
1.It works on the principle of incandescence where a high resistance filament is heated until it radiates visible light.It works by ion-sing a gas that emits protons.
2.Its initial cost is low.Its initial cost is high.
3.It gives yellow light which is not appealing to eyes.It gives day light which is pleasant.
4.It works on AC as well as DC power supply.For change in supply needs additional accessories.
5.Filament lamps has more brightness.In case of Fluorescent tubes they gives less brightness.
6.Maintenance cost is more.Maintenance cost is less.
7.Efficiency of coloured lamp is poor because colour glass is used.Efficiency is high as it uses fluorescent tubes.
8.Its life is less i.e. about 1000 working hours.It has longer life i.e. about 6000 working hours.
9.its working temperature is high.Its working temperature is low.
10.Heat radiation is also present.heat radiation are not present.
11.The output reduces with time.The output reduces more rapid with time.
12.The luminous efficiency increases with applied voltage.The efficiency increases with length of tube and wattage.
13.Its lumen output is 10 lumen per watt.Its lumen output is more 40 lumen per watt.
14.They are mostly used inn industrial, street light etc.They are used in commercial lighting, industrial lighting, classroom lighting etc.
15.They consume more electricity.They consume less electricity, for the same ratings.

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