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Wind Energy Air in motion is called wind and energy obtained from wind is called wind energy. In …

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Wind Energy

Air in motion is called wind and energy obtained from wind is called wind energy.

In the simple words, the kinetic energy obtained from the flow of air is called wind energy. Now a question would arise on our mind i.e. why air flow occurs? Air flows due to temperature difference in atmosphere. when sunlight reaches on earth surface, it becomes hot and some area is left without the sunlight so it becomes cool. As we know that air tends to move from hotter regions to cooler region. so, air flow is generally called wind.

Construction and Working Principle

Wind energy can be converted into electrical energy in wind power plants. it is generally referred as “WECS” stands for “Wind Energy Conversion System” . The main components of a wind power plants are :-

  1. Wind Turbine
  2. Yaw
  3. Coupler
  4. Hydraulic Transmission
  5. Electrical Generator

1. Wind Turbine

It is also called wind mill. wind turbine or wind mill is machine or device that convert the wind energy into mechanical energy. Blades of turbine are mounted on the shaft. it is available in various size and shapes.

wind turbine

2. Yaw

Yaw is an important component of horizontal axis wind turbine. Yaw is used to change the direction of rotor when there is a change in the direction of wind. The yaw mechanism is activated by the electronic controller which several times per second checks the position of the wind vane on the turbine, whenever the turbine is running.

3. Coupler

It is mainly used to connect the turbine with generator. A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power.

4. Hydraulic Transmission

It is used to transfer mechanical energy at the top mounted equipment. It gives a better design flexibility and also reduces the cost of plant.

5. Electric generator

Generator is an electric machine which generates electricity. It may be D.C. or A.C. generator. Traditionally, there are three main types of wind turbine generators, which can be considered for the various wind turbine systems, these being direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), synchronous and AC asynchronous generators.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is power grid?

    The electrical network which generates and distributes electricity across a large area.  Solar Plants, wind Plants, Hydropower Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, and coal-fired Plants are all examples of generating stations.

  2. Why controller used in wind power plant?

    Wind turbine controller is essential for optimal performance, safe operation, and structural stability. PI or PID controllers are the most common wind turbine controllers.

  3. What is main purpose of gear box used in wind turbine?

    In a wind turbine, a gearbox is frequently used to raise the rotating speed from a low-speed main shaft to a high-speed shaft that connects to the electrical generator.

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